Requesting CCEF Funding

  • To request CCEF funds, please complete the online Grant Funding Request form at least one week before the CCEF Board Meeting. If your request is received less than a week before the meeting, the request may be pushed to the next meeting. However, the CCEF Board may consider a request of less than $500 during open funding. Open funding are proposals not listed on the board meeting agenda, therefore the time to present is not guaranteed.
  • After submitting the Grant Funding Request form, CCEF will contact you for additional information or notify you of a spot on the board meeting agenda. (If you do not receive an email, please contact the CCEF Vice President.)
  • For the best results when completing the online form:
    • All CCEF online forms are on the Google platform. You, therefore, need to use your Google account. The Google account allows you to upload files to support your request.
    • Details, details, details. Answer every question and provide as much information as possible. Please do your research before submitting the proposal. Include all of the numbers and upload any supporting documents to the online form.
    • If the request requires Leadership approval, please obtain Leadership support or permission before submitting the funding request.
  • For the best results during the Board Meeting:
    • You will have 5 minutes to present your request and answer questions. Please come prepared.
    • The CCEF Board may have questions about finances and logistics. The person(s) best able to answer those questions should attend the meeting. If the questions are not adequately explained, the funding request may be denied or tabled for a future session.
    • Other notes:
      • The Board has the option to vote on the proposal at a later date.
      • CCEF can make matching grants and require grantees to fundraise in addition to receiving CCEF funds.
      • If proposals involve non-CLCS learners, the Board may fund based on a percentage of participating CLCS learners.
  • If a grant has been approved, granters will be contacted via email within 3 days of Board approval. The email will provide directions for receiving the funds.
  • For questions about the funding request process or the online Funding Request Form, please contact the CCEF Vice President.

After Your Event/Activity/Project is completed:

  • After the event/activity or completion of the project, grantees must complete the online Grant Completion Review form and submit receipts.
  • The Grant Completion Review form must be completed within 14 days of the event/activity or completion of the project.
  • Receipts are required for reimbursement. It may take up to four weeks to receive payment. Receipts must be submitted online in the Grant Completion Review form. Paper copies are not accepted. On the receipt, please include the name of the project/event and person to be reimbursed.
  • For questions about distribution/reimbursement of funds, please contact the CCEF Treasurer.

Grantee Expectations:

CCEF has a financial responsibility to donors and the ACLC community. It is, therefore, necessary to express expectations of grantees and to review the results of approved grants. Failure to comply with any of these expectations could result in CCEF withdrawing the grant or denying reimbursement.

  1. Grantees will act ethically and responsibly when using CCEF Funds.
  2. Funds are not used for illegal activities.
  3. Funds can only be used for items/services listed on the approved grant.
  4. If any portion of the approved grant changes, it is the grantee's responsibility to contact CCEF with the new information. Grants can be withheld if CCEF is not notified immediately. Grants can be denied if the approved terms change. It is up to the discretion of the CCEF Board.
  5. Commitments made by the person(s) representing the group at the Board meeting are considered commitments made and contractually binding to the entire group and all who benefit from the approved funds.
  6. Grantees are encouraged to use the "Funded by CCEF" logo for promotion, marketing, and social media opportunities.
  7. Grantees can use other language to reflect CCEF financial support when posting on social media.
  8. Grantees must take photos of grant-funded activities and projects (i.e. photos of the activity, purchased items in use, group photos at a field trip, photos from a sporting event, etc.) These images and anything shared during meetings or in online forms may be used for future CCEF marketing. When accepting CCEF grants, grantees are giving CCEF full rights to use and reprint.
  9. Grantees must complete the online Grant Completion Review form within 14 days of the event/activity or project completion date.

2019-20 CCEF Board Meetings

CCEF meets on the last Wednesday of each month (except December) at ACLC in the Center at 6:45 pm. All funding requests are due one week before the Board Meeting.

MonthBoard MeetingFunding Requests Due

CCEF Fund Request Button

 Grant Completion Review Button

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