We're just getting started with updates about ACLC Alumni and their remarkable achievements.  We'll keep adding new stories as we discover them.

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NOTE: If you are an ACLC grad, please share your story! Click here to email a recent photo and description of your accomplishments since graduating. (You may also contact, Theresa Quigley, at  Thank you.

Robyn Beckwith '02

Robyn Beckwith '02

After being inspired by cardboard boat races and bug feasts during her time at ACLC, Robyn obtained a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis.  

She pursued a career in research following undergraduate internships in primate behavioral research and studies of protein structure using x-ray crystallography.  

After graduation, Robyn worked for two years in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Stanley Prusiner at UCSF, researching structural and biochemical mechanisms of inactivation of prion proteins, the causative agent of Mad Cow Disease.  

In 2008 she decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology at UC Berkeley.  Her thesis research focuses on mechanisms of energy-dependent protein destruction by an intricate molecular machine, the 26S proteasome.

True to her history at ACLC, Robyn places a strong emphasis on outreach and education.  She has been elected as a delegate for her department on the UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly and won an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award.  She served for three years as a community member of the ACLC Governing Board and works closely with science facilitators at ACLC and Nea to organize graduate student judges for their annual science fairs.

Here she is in a recent photo:

James Clark '06

James Clark '06

James Clark attended UC Santa Cruz from 2006-2008, before withdrawing from college and joining the US Marine Corps in the summer of 2008. Between the summer of 2008 and 2012, he served as a combat correspondent tasked with covering the day to day lives of his fellow Marines, both at home and abroad.

James documented combat operations alongside the infantrymen of 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment during his two tours to Afghanistan, first in 2009, and again in 2011. His wartime photos and print stories have appeared on CNN, FOX News, New York Times, Huffington Post and in the Oakland Tribune, as well as in a number of metropolitan publications across the country.

James has since finished with his active duty service and has returned to school at UC Santa Cruz through the G.I. Bill, where he studies modern literature.

James works as a freelance print and photojournalist as he finishes his undergraduate studies, with the long-term goal of returning to areas of conflict as a war correspondent.

Click here to see James' extraordinary journalism portfolio.

Click here to see the feature about James and his work from The Huffington Post.

Here he is on active duty in Afghanistan.



Will Blank '02

Will Blank '02

After ACLC, will graduated from UC-Berkeley with a B.A. in Comparative Literature.  He put his literate understanding of storytelling to work in the film industry, first as an Assistant Editor at Indigo Films.  

Following a position at NBC Universal, where he worked on the hit TV show Heroes, Will broke out on his own as co-founder of 512 Media, an award-winning commercial and TV/web production company in Los Angeles.

Here's Will feeling on top of the world about his growing success:


Click here to check out Will's work at 512 Media. 

Sam Felsing '05

Sam Felsing '05

While at ACLC, Sam Felsing was known for his writing and communications skills.  

He co-founded the school's Speakeasy literary magazine, took an active role on the Judicial Committee, and worked with the Creative Community Education Foundation (CCEF). He also authored the school's Bill of Rights.

Sam graduated from the University of Redlands with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a Minor in Government. Since college, his work has been published in numerous national publications and websites including Macworld, GamePro and

Upon returning to Alameda, Sam leveraged his understanding of hometown issues and politics in the role of City Editor at the Alameda Sun.

Expanding his influence beyond Alameda, Sam has worked on PR efforts for national and state corporate clients, and now works as a political consultant in San Francisco, promoting the campaigns of state and local officials in San Francisco and Sonoma. 

To demonstrate his belief in his ACLC education, and his desire to share this type of education with others like him, Sam now serves on the Governing Board of ACLC's charter management organization, CLCS.

Here's his Governing Board portrait:

Hannah Fletcher '05

After graduating from ACLC, Hannah went on to the University of Oregon where she majored in English and minored in Business Administration. She also continued her Dark Meat education, as she played for the women’s ultimate frisbee team (Fugue) for all four years. In 2009 she competed her thesis, “Climbing the Racial Mountain: Poetic Address, Form, and Voice in Claude McKay and Langston Hughes,” and graduated cum laude with departmental honors. Back in California with a degree in hand, Hannah spent time leading a teen camp in Berkeley and adventuring across the country in a stick-shift, before deciding to move to Oakland. For the next two years she worked as a Client Services Coordinator at CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), played competitive kickball, and sang in the East Bay Harmony Chorus. In 2012, she left CBRE to join Facebook as a Recruiting Coordinator. She joined an amazing nine-person team at Facebook and has been loving her time working with them!

Here's her happy Facebook face:

Hannah Fletcher, ACLC Alumni

Jeremy Fraysse '02

Jeremy Fraysse '02

Jeremy received a B.A. in Economics from UC Davis and a Master's in Public Policy from USC. He recently joined the California Legislative Analyst's office, working as a nonpartisan fiscal and policy advisor in the areas of housing, insurance and traffic enforcement.

Here he is testifying in front of the California State Assembly:

Jeremy Fraysse, ACLC Alumni


Benjamin Kahane '05

Benjamin Kahane '05

Ben obtained a B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing from UC Berkeley.   A fixture at Books Inc., Ben writes the popular A Booksellers Blog for the Alameda Patch.

Here he is engaged in his favorite pastime...consumed by a sweet, sweet book he would love to tell you about:


Discover his work by clicking here.

Jessie Korich '05

Jessie Korich '05

Jessie is one of 3 kids in her family who proudly graduated from ACLC (sister Jennifer graduated in 2001 and brother Jorden in 2011). Following ACLC, Jessie went on to school at the University of California Irvine and UC Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in European History in 2009.

After college, Jessie spent time working and traveling throughout Europe, then returned to the CLCS family at Nea Community Learning Center's Upper Village where she runs the front office. 

When she is not busy at school with the newest group of CLCS Learners, Jessie spends time cooking, watching Giants Baseball and planning her next great traveling adventure. She plans one day to go back to school and earn a teaching credential.

Here is Jessie with her brother, Jorden "JT" Deierling, at his ACLC Graduation in 2011 (JT is currently working towards his Bachelors Degree at Oregon State University): 

Henry Leung '06

Henry Leung '06

Henry W. Leung is the author of Paradise Hunger, which won the 2012 Swan Scythe Press Poetry Chapbook Contest.

He earned his BA from Stanford while studying abroad at Peking, Cambridge, and Oxford Universities. He was the first President of Oceanic Tongues, Stanford’s Asian American Writers’ Workshop. He has taught creative writing in Hong Kong and Prague. Now, a Kundiman Fellow and a columnist for the Lantern Review, he is working toward his MFA in Fiction at the University of Michigan.

He was recently awarded the Soros Fellowship for New Americans, for which he received mention in The New York Times.  Click here to read the story from the University of Michigan website.

Lauren Pomeroy '02

Lauren Pomeroy '02

Lauren received a B.A. in Neuroscience from Pomona College.   After spending a year and a half in Indonesia working for an non-governmental organization (NGO), World Neighbors, she returned to the States to pursue a graduate degree.

She will graduate from Georgetown University in May 2013 with a Masters in Public Policy and a J.D.  When Lauren's not studying, she pursues her alternative career as a professional photographer, taking pictures of horse racing for

Here she is with United States Attorney General Eric Holder during a stint working for the Department of Justice's Vaccine Litigation Program:

Scott Roeder '05

Scott Roeder '05

Scott owns a photography company and a clothing line in the Bay Area.

Scott's wide-ranging photography career has encompassed sports, editorials, sports, portraits, sportraits, sports, sports, products, sports, and sports. Playing sports has been a major focus of his life, so it was natural that he sought to document the activities he loved.

After graduating from college in 2010, Scott began broadening his work to include more stories, emotions, expressions, peak action, and defining moments—including weddings!

Here he is in his natural habitat with a camera hanging from his shoulder:


Check out his photography by clicking here.

Check out his clothing line by clicking here.

Lucia Solis '03

Lucia Solis '03

Similar to Robyn Beckwith, Lucia Solis was also inspired by cardboard boat races and bug feasts during her time at ACLC and pursued a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Davis.

However, in the final year of her degree, she caught the wine bug and instead received a B.S. in Viticulture and Enology. She found drinking wine was more delicious than eating bugs.

Since 2007, Lucia has been making wine in Napa Valley. First as an intern learning to make sparkling wine at Domaine Chandon, then full time as Enologist at Cliff Lede Vineyards for two years, and more recently managing the lab at Opus One for the last two years.

She also makes her own wine in her garage.

Check out Lucia's blog to follow her home winemaking adventures by clicking here. 

Besides making wine, Lucia enjoys ostrich racing in her free time.  Here's the proof:


Pablo Solis '05

Pablo Solis '05

Between 2005 and 2008, Pablo attended MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Physics. Since 2008, he has been a graduate student in the mathematics department at UC Berkeley. He is currently doing research in geometry and mathematical physics.

Since coming to Berkeley, Pablo has also had visiting positions at the Max Planck Institute of Mathematics in Bonn, Germany and the Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Space in Aarhus, Denmark. In addition, he has had the opportunity to speak about his work at universities in France, Spain, and several other universities throughout the United States.

He plans to receive his Ph.D in the Spring of 2013, then continue research as a postdoc.

Here's the photo from Pablo's Berkeley website:

Victor Vasquez '02

Victor Vasquez '02

Let's not forget one of our super-creative alums, hip-hop ("art-rap") musician and lyricist Victor Vasquez. Victor's ironically intelligent musical group Das Racist recently performed on the Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, and has been featured in The New York Times and other prominent newspapers and magazines.  Victor's cartoons have been featured in The New Yorker.

Here he is, looking appropriately art-rappy, and obviously happy:


Click here to read an article about Victor's national appearance on Conan.

Click here to read the cover story about Victor's band in SPIN magazine. 

Lillia Slemmons '03

Lillia Slemmons '03

Photo of Lillia Slemmons, ACLC AlumniAfter leaving ACLC, Lillia attended both UCSC and SFSU and obtained her B.S. in International Business.  Upon graduating college, she took some time off and spent a year in South America.   During that time she heard about Dutch inventor, Johan Boswinkel and his work with Biophotonics. 

She became inspired by this European Modality called Biophoton Light Therapy and its revolutionary view of the body and how the organs work synergistically, as a whole and not a sum of its parts.  It addresses the terrain and not the symptoms of a disease thus enabling the body to heal on its own.  This system communicates with the light emitted by your cells to find where disturbances exist and works to neutralize chaotic light.  In today’s world, we are exposed to many forms of toxicities, i.e., environmental pollutants, GMOs, chemicals, heavy metals, and electromagnetic radiation that inhibit the body’s immune system to self-govern.    

Lillia instantly resonated with this advanced technology and felt drawn to this path; she returned from South America and pursued Biophoton training with the founder, Johan Boswinkel in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After completing her Biophoton training, she went on to become his Director of Operations at the Institute for Applied Biophoton Sciences. 

After IABS, Lillia co-founded Biophoton Services in Alameda, California.  She continues to nurture the growth of the Biophoton community and fosters change in the widespread misconceptions about illness and health, reigniting respect for the body’s own intelligence and capabilities.

For more information, please visit

Instagram @biophotonservices or facebook. 

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Slemmons, Lillia
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Swenson, David
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Tian, David
Tsegai, Thomas
Wong, Simon
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Bishop, Adrien
Chan, Cameron
Dolphin, Sam
Felsing, Sam
Fletcher, Hannah
Grigorieva, Asya
Guber, Alicia
Hayes, Kathleen (Kacy)
Kahane, Ben
Kerpel, Alastar
Kharrazi, Rebekah
Korich, Jessie
Ogas, Myriah
Roeder, Scott
Scott, Brian
Solis, Pablo
Urnwala, Roshan
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Bennett, Amanda
Blanche-Masten, Tirzah
Bunenko, Mariah
Clark, James
Hans, Jenna
Harris, Shane
Hodge, Chukwudi
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Leung, Henry
McKinley, Chelsea
Murphy-Levesque, Connor
Ng, Jason
Pritchard, Casandra
Shelby, Shannon
Stein, Mick
Verduin, Elaine
Wadford, Alexandra
Wilkinson, Kyle
Zerga, Megan
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Abbasi, Hameed
Beisiegel, Joshua
Bernart, Nathan
Bince, Danielle
Cazares, Jeanette
Coyne, Cullen
Kharrazi, Shira
Lindquist, Ben
Mapp, Ashley
Ocasio, Juan
Ramos, Eric
Sanchez, Thomas
Scott, Jason
Snyders, Nicholas
Tappin, Megan
Tung, Ronnie
Tupasi, F. G. Vicente
Van de Walle, Caitlan
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Boyd Meredith, Jonathan
Fossum, Amelia
Friedman, Casey
Gaito, Robert
Gallagher, Peter
Grigorieva, Lyudmila
Guber, Elliot
Hallam, Danielle
Herrera, Precious
Hinkle Johnston, Jesse
Hodge, Kumi
Jones, Colin
Kahane, Cory
Kaso, Samuel
Kharrazi, Jeremy
King, Samuel
Levy, Hannah
Manalo, Severiano
Miyashiro, Eric
Murray, Gordon
Oakley, William
Park, Yee Ji Jennifer
Perez, Kate
Popelka, Kyle
Retrayt, Pierre
Steinhoff, Sara
Steward, Cole
Williamson, Laura
Yando, Laurel
Young, Cynthia
Class of 2009
Baxter, Morgan
Brady, Lillian
Brown, Sebastian
Coyne, Britt
Cruz, Amanda
Diesi Palmer, Loren
Emberley, Katherine
Gascon, Stephanie
Gilliss Chapman, Maya
Gordon, Maxfield
Hayes, Megan
Higgins, Colin
Hinton, Laura
Labrador, Mario
Lundeen, Jennifer
Mertzig, Oliver
Pinsky, Ilya
Radziejowski, Michael
Rafter, Nicholas
Schmidt, Evan
Smith, Katie
Steele, Lazlo
Sutter, Kaitlyn
VerDuin, Brian
Williams, Nicholas
Wolz Romberger, James
Class of 2010
Banks, Alexander
Bernart, Grant
Bince, Ryan
Camacho, Mikana
Dubow, Jessica
Eggett, Nicole
Falconer, Melanie
Flores, Samuel
Foster, Ayana
Gassner Wollage, Sara
Hamner, Powell
Higgins, Simon
Kahsai, Tigray
McKee, Christina
McRory, Ava
Miyashiro, Ryan
Nannizzi, Francesca
O'Connor, Laurel
Park, Yee
Paulukonis, Elizabeth
Pollart, Kaila
Pomortsev, George
Roberts, Candice
Samonte, Eleia
Tafaoa, Joshua
Vercoutere, Alexander
Vercoutere, Julian
Vilogorac, Vedad
Class of 2011
Cao, Michael
Chin, Anastasia
Deierling, Jorden
DeMello, Christopher
Disarufino, Dominic
Duffey, Andrea
Freeman, Tyler
Harris, Brian
Hollister, Veronica
Johnson, Sarah
Kahsai, Semen
Khatri, Palwasha
Kim, Regina
Kruglikov, Aaron
McBride, Virginia
Morgan, Lexie
Murray, Sutton
Oakley, Eliza
Rafter, Marisa
Taylor, Khala
Wadford, Larry
Williams, Sophia
Wu, Joanne
Yee, Vanessa
Class of  2012
Aminy, Aesar 
Baxter, Miles
Champlin, Susannah
Coll, Conner
Coyne, Max Cody
Emberley, William
Fetzer, Andrew
Finn, Connor
Garvisch, Autymn
Hans, Lindsay
Haro, Moises
Harris, Andrea
Hartsook, Emma
Herrera, Jericho
Leano, Gail Marie
Leano, Margaret Kate
Llamas, Roberto
Mangahas, Joseph
McCoy, Erin
McKee, Natalie
Mendoza, Edward
Merritt, Evangeline
Moore, Dylan
Needham, Mary
Nguyen, Isaac
Patterson, Elizabeth
Peng, Theodore
Pollart, Cameron
Raphael, Francesca
Spencer, Sarah
Takeshita, Nolan
Tran, Michelle
Tsagris, Marika
Vargas-Johnson, Andres

Williamson, James

Class of 2013
Blackburn, Fiona
Buendina, Krisitina
Cassard, Elijah
Carruthers, Garriel
Essert, Byron
Hayat, Neelem
Holford, Tara
Kang, Joy
Lafferty, Emelie
Mandanas, Augustine
McBride, Erin
Morgan, Liam
Mellor, Tara
Ng, Marc
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Retinghouse, Jarek
Sirota, Sara

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