Special Education Services

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Parents of learners with disabilities in the Alameda community often seek placement at ACLC. This often occurs from word-of-mouth recommendations by other parents of learners with disabilities because our small school environment and innovative educational model nurtures their children as full members of the ACLC community. 

Below are the core tenets of our approach to Special Education:

  • All learners at ACLC with disabilities will be fully included in all aspects of the general education curriculum. 
  • Services that remediate academic challenges will be incorporated into the general education program, including learners without disabilities. 
  • All learners at ACLC with and without disabilities are expected to participate in leadership roles in the community.
  • Referrals for assessment for special education services will be generated by facilitators, Student Study Teams and parents. Assessments will be conducted within the legal timeframe. ACLC will collaborate with El Dorado County Charter School SELPA School Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Vision and Mobility Specialists, Adaptive Physical Education Teachers and Special Day Class teachers to provide appropriate educational services to our learners.
  • ACLC will use 21st-century educational technology, thus providing more access to learning opportunities for learners with disabilities: i.e. online learning, computer-assisted learning, independent learning programs, peer tutoring, and project based learning.


Specialized Academic Instruction

(Services provided by Educational Specialists and/or Paraprofessionals)

  • In-seminar support is our general approach.
  • Faciltiators are well-versed in modification and accommodation needs.
  • We are committed to a team approach with learners, parents, and staff.   
We strive towards finding the delicate balance of providing support while fostering independence. Learners are encouraged to make good use of their time in the Center, and are scheduled to work in the Resource Room for support in a quiet work area as needed. Test-taking in the Resource Room is provided as needed

Psychological Services

Services include assessment, behavioral planning, consultation, and sessions with some learners.  Many, but not all, of these services are IEP driven.

Speech and Language/Occupational Therapy

These services include small group instruction for speech and language, as well as "push-in" support in the classrooms.  Occupational Therapy (OT) services are delivered in the form of direct service and/or consultation for those learners with OT needs identified in their IEP.  Screening and assessments for speech and OT are included in these services.

Evaluation for Special Education

If you have questions about ACLC's special education program or feel an evaluation for special education services is appropriate for your child, please contact Neku Pogue, Special Education Director. Should the team determine that an evaluation is appropriate the process can take approximately two months.


Contact Us:

Phone: 510-995-4300

Fax: 510-995-4307

Monique Arbuckle, Special Education Director, CLC Schools


Liz Powers, Education Specialist (6-9)

Linda Swaffer, Paraprofessional (6-8)

Patricia Felix, Paraprofessional (9-12)

Michelle Bonnelley, Speech and Language Pathologist

ACLC is a member of the El Dorado Charter SELPA.

Alameda CLC

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Alameda CA  94501

Phone: (510) 995-4300 
Fax: (510) 995-4307

Lead Facilitator:

Michael McCaffrey

Curriculum and Instruction Lead:

David Hoopes

Director of Special Education:

Monique Arbuckle

School Counselor:

Amanda Ruocco

School Manager:

Lai Llanda

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