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Due to Shelter-in-Place orders, ACLC has cancelled its in-person informational events.

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If you have received an offer of admission and would like to visit the school before the next scheduled tour, please contact the Admissions manager at 510-263-9309.


ACLC is a 6-12 free public charter school in Alameda, CA.

To learn more about ACLC's project-based, college-prep program, please contact:

Admissions Manager: (510) 263-9309

ACLC School Office: (510) 995-4300

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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

—Mahatma Gandhi

ACLC Mission Statement:

The Alameda Community Learning Center is an educational model that empowers all youth to take ownership of their educational experience, to celebrate their diverse community, and to actively participate as members in a democratic society.

Educational Philosophy:

ACLC nurtures and educates the "Leaders of Tomorrow" through innovative, self-directed and project-based learning, systematic educational facilitation and highly efficient application of per-pupil funding.

ACLC's Educational Model:

Self-directed and Project-based — ACLC is based on a self-directed and experiential learning model in which learners (students) are supported by facilitators (teachers) to be actively involved in the learning process, observe, analyze and reflect on the experience, and apply the understanding gained from that experience. (More info on project-based learning)

Flexible — We use a college-like schedule with open periods and varied class schedules because it improves learner experience and performance. Flexible scheduling also allows high schoolers to take college classes.

Creative — Facilitators use an eclectic array of creative teaching strategies to engage the multiple intelligences of learners and encourage integration across subjects. Creativity in learner project design and fulfillment is highly valued and promoted.

Rigorous — We utilize best practices of teaching and learning in a non-competitive manner. We provide learners with a rigorous curriculum that promotes mastery of California Common Core Standards. 

UC-based Standards — ACLC's graduation requirements are designed meet or exceed the admission requirements for the University of California system. All seniors must participate in a career-oriented internship, present a senior project, complete a college class and be eligible to attend a four-year university or college. ACLC's graduation requirements exceed those of other high schools in Alameda.

Empowering — We empower our learners to take ownership of their education. We emphasize, develop and actively practice leadership skills. Learners discover their potential, recognize their value and worth, and practice involvement and responsibility within the community.  

High Expectations — We set high academic, social and ethical expectations for our learners.  We have found that an applied learning approach creates initiative and empowers learners, creating more successful learning outcomes than traditional education settings.  


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

—Benjamin Franklin

ACLC has consistently ranked at the top of Alameda's high schools in API scores, four-year college attendance rates and successful transitions into college and beyond... 

Click the headings below to reveal facts about ACLC's status as one of US News & World Report's "Best High Schools in the Nation" and other aspects of our success...

An Innovative Program & Democratic Model...

Experiential and project-based learning provides clear benefits: increased critical thinking skills, greater problem-solving abilities, deeper understanding, better preparation for higher education and real work situations, more developed collaborative skills, and an enhanced desire to learn (because it's fun)!

We educate the "leaders of tomorrow" in a self-directed progressive environment, using innovative and research-based methods to empower learners. Research shows that because children learn from each other, they do better in environments with a strong and positive peer-empowered culture.

Our school is based on participation in a democratic society. Active participation in our democratic model helps develop learner confidence, increase motivation, raise educational outcomes and deepen community connections.

US News: Best High Schools/Most Connected Classrooms in Nation...

The U.S. News rankings include data on more than 19,400 public high schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Schools are awarded medals based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college.

A 3-step process determines the Best High Schools:

The first step determines whether the school's students are performing better than statistically expected for the average student in that state by evaluating reading and math results for all students according to state high school proficiency tests. The percentage of economically disadvantaged students (who tend to score lower) at the school are also factored in to identify schools that are performing better than statistical expectations.

The second step determines whether the school's least-advantaged students (black, Hispanic and low-income) are performing better than average for similar students in the state by comparing the school's math and reading proficiency rates for disadvantaged students with statewide results for these student groups.

Schools that make it through the first two steps became eligible to be judged nationally on the final step – college-readiness performance.

US News Best HS logo

US News & World Report has ranked ACLC as one of the "Best High Schools in the Nation" since 2009!

US News & World Report has also recognized ACLC as being among the "Most Connected Classrooms in the Nation" based on the technology available to our learners.

Real College Experience...

Instead of the Advanced Placement (AP) classes promoted by many "college prep" high schools, ALL seniors graduating from CLCS schools are required to have completed at least one class at a local college.  

Most have taken numerous college classes by the time they graduate, thereby proving with certainty their readiness for success at the collegiate level.

Real college experience is one of the reasons that college admissions offices look so favorably on a transcript from ACLC.  Many of our graduates have already received far more real college credit than AP courses and tests can possibly provide.

A Proven Educational Approach...

ACLC has been "Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow" in an innovative, research-based and self-directed learning community for two decades.

The list of colleges to which ACLC grads have been accepted (and often receive scholarships) is a who's who of the best North American colleges and universities, from the Ivy League to the Big 10 to the Pac 10 to prestigious and selective smaller schools.

Our graduates exhibit impressive independence and resourcefulness, applying their talents and pursuing their passions to colleges where they naturally attain high levels of academic performance.

Click HERE to learn more about our Alumni and their success...

A Tuition-Free Public Charter School...

ACLC is a tuition-free public charter school.  For more information on what this means, watch this informative video from the California Charter Schools Association, of which ACLC is a member.

California Distinguished School...

ACLC was the first public charter school in Alameda County to receive the "California Distinguished School Award."

Alameda CLC
1900 Third Street
Alameda CA  94501 

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