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Neoteric Bevies

"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."

—Jack London


1. modern; new; recent.


nounplural bevies.
        1. a large group or collection

Neoteric Bevies are ACLC's version of clubs and extracurricular activities.

To create a Neoteric Bevy, one or more learners submits a proposal to Leadership for a new bevy. Leadership invites discussion about the proposed bevy and assesses learner interest. If the bevy idea passes the approval process, a new bevy is born.

Because bevies are created by learners based on their interests, they are an ever-evolving part of ACLC's school culture.  

Click on the names below to learn more about ACLC's current Neoteric Bevies...

Anime Club

Exploring the world of Japanese cartoons and computer animation, this bevy watches and discusses anime and manga, and cosplays (costume plays) various characters. This is a very popular bevy that meets often.


Asian Culture Club

This bevy celebrates the cultural heritage of Asian ethnic groups and provides a deep exploration into Asian Culture. Bevy members prepare and eat Asian food, watch Asian shows and films, and discuss the history and traditions of various Asian cultures.


Basketball Club

Members of the Basketball bevy play basketball in the gym and do various drills to strengthen their skills. Most of the time, the bevy plays actual games with its members split into two teams. This bevy is limited to 20 members.

 Basketball graphic

Dance Committee

Unlike in a traditional school where school officials plan the dances, ACLC has a bevy do it.  In Dance Committee - the second largest bevy - learners work together to create unique and fun dances, including some that involve our sister school Nea. The learners find DJ's, sponsors, arrange for catering and create decorations all on their own! Members of this bevy get into the ACLC dances free, because they deserve it!


Electronics Club

Designed with project-based learning and a hands-on approach in mind, members of this bevy gain expertise in electronics. One of the first projects in this bevy was learning the science behind the workings of ACLC's 3D printer.

3D printer

Flicks & Food

As the name suggests, this bevy pairs having fun with food and movies – a winning combination! Every time the bevy starts a new movie, learners bring a food related to the movie genre. Yum!

Movies and Popcorn


Futsal Club

The learners in this bevy play futsal together. Futsal is a modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor, field. If you ask a member of this bevy the difference between soccer and futsal - be ready for their very passionate answer!



Glorified Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking was a thing of the past, but recently has been revived in new and creative ways. This bevy binds books with beautiful paper and helps members create art in journals they have personally designed. Their artwork is beautiful, and includes recycling in a very aesthetic way.

Internet Art

This bevy helps members learn how to do art in an alternative way: not with pen or pencil, but using a computer. Members find various websites that teach them how to make beautiful artwork electronically.

floating computer

Magic the Gathering

This is a trading card game created by Richard Garfield. Magic was the first trading card game produced (1993) and it continues to thrive, with approximately twelve million players as of 2011. This bevy trades cards and plays the game.

Magic the Gathering


Minecraft is a Sandbox Independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang since 2009. Since Minecraft is not allowed at school, the playing is theoretical and is done by watching powerpoint slides on how to improve your gaming skills and character on the game.


Movie Club

The most popular bevy of them all! It's an ACLC tradition, although unlike Flicks and Food, there is no food involved.


Music History

The perfect bevy for music lovers! Members of this bevy listen to various types of music and discuss their opinions.

QSA (Queer Straight Alliance)

ACLC's Queer-Straight (Gay-Straight) Alliance.  Learners who want to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ youth and their straight allies.

Playing Cards

This bevy has plenty of cards! Learners learn how to play classics, like Crazy 8 or Go Fish, along with some crazy card games, like Mau Mau.

Red Cross

This is a youth organization created to support the Red Cross. Learners volunteer their time and can get more involved in the Alameda community!


This is the most hard-working bevy of all. With a small team (eager to welcome more!), bevy members publish an ACLC newspaper four times a year, once per season. This bevy showcases learner creativity in the form of articles, stories, poems, drawings, photography, humor and more. In addition, members practice editing and layout skills, teamwork, and meeting hard deadlines. Check out past Speakeasy issues with the links below:

Graphic Image--Students holding school newspapersSummer 2018

Spring 2018

Winter 2017

Fall 2017

Tech Team

An extremely important Bevy, this bevy is responsible for ACLC's technology working in top shape! This bevy teaches skills in technology, although coding skills and minimal knowledge in electronics is advised. This group of tech experts helps with computers, projectors, sound and lights for ACLC assemblies, meetings and events. 

Waffle Club

A long-term ACLC tradition. Members of this bevy make homemade waffles and spread the love throughout the ACLC community at the semi-annual ACLC Breakfast of Love.



Yearbook Committee

This bevy writes, edits and publishes the ACLC yearbook. Their hard work makes it a pleasure to see ACLC's yearbook every year!

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