The ACLC Board


The ACLC Board is responsible for a variety of policy-making and governance functions delegated to it by, and subject to the approval of, the CLCS Board. These include:

  • Graduation Standards
  • Academic Program Planning
  • Budget Proposals
  • Day-to-day Facilities Issues

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The ACLC Board consists of parents, facilitators, learners and community members, working together in the best interests of the school. Our school community is very grateful for the gifts of time and talent that they provide.

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The ACLC Board uses school data (such as test scores and stakeholder satisfaction surveys) to evaluate and improve ACLC's education program and school policies.


The ACLC Board meets at least monthly. It's Finance, Program Evaluation, Personnel, and Curriculum committees also meet monthly and report to the Board.

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In addition to formally joining the ACLC Board, facilitators, parents and learners are welcome to participate in ACLC governance by attending a board or committee meeting.

Board Documents

ACLC Board agendas, minutes, and supporting documentation are available in the Board Archive. The ACLC Board is compliant with the Brown Act Policies.

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