Middle School at ACLC

Middle School can be a challenging time in a child's life. ACLC helps learners make a smooth transition from elementary school into the pre-teen years. A middle schooler at ACLC will find:

A Warm, welcoming school culture

Each year, ACLC welcomes its new sixth grade class with a series of community-building traditions and events. Before the end of fall semester, a sixth grader will likely have gone on a class camping trip, attended a Constitutional Convention, and found friends and role models through weekly community-building activities.

high expectations and strong support

A course called Learning to Learn helps 6th and 7th graders develop the skills they need to keep up with assignments, make good use of self-directed time, collaborate with peers, and understand themselves as learners.

Academics, Arts, Athletics And more

In addition to rigorous, project-based core academics, middle schoolers have access to arts and physical education classes, after-school athletics (including volleyball, basketball, and track) and over twenty-five student-initiated clubs.