High School at ACLC

ACLC offers a complete high school experience--the curricular advantages of a large school with the personalized attention and close-knit community of a small school. Incoming ninth graders choose ACLC for:

A Learner-Centered School culture

that combines strong academics with individualized scheduling and an openness to learner voice and learner initiatives.

A Focus on Leadership

In ACLC's popular Leadership Class, 8th to 12th graders lead school-wide activities, evaluate student proposals, and organize cultural events. Others serve as Judicial Clerks, overseeing learner-led restorative justice practices. Some teach a seminar or start a club for their peers. All seniors are required to complete a senior project that benefits the community.

Early College Classes

ACLC high schoolers are required to complete at least one college class in order to graduate. Many take numerous college courses, gaining transferable college credit and real college experience before they leave high school. Nearby College of Alameda, Berkeley City College, Laney College, and Merritt College offer a range of courses wide enough to suit any goal or interest.