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Neoteric Bevies

[nee-uh-ter-ik]  [bev-eez]
(modern, new)  (large groups or collections)
Early in ACLC's history, learners decided they wanted clubs, but not boring, traditional clubs. They wanted something new and unique--so they invented Neoteric Bevies.
ACLC's version of clubs
To create a Neoteric Bevy, one or more learners submits a proposal to Leadership. Leadership invites discussion about the proposed bevy and assesses learner interest. If the proposal passes, a new bevy is born. Because bevies are created by learners based on their interests, they are an ever-evolving part of ACLC's school culture.
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Bevies Active 22-23

Past Bevies

Just waiting for you to revive them!

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Annual Traditions


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