Judicial Committee

ACLC's Judicial Committee (JC) includes:

  • JC Clerks (elected by and from the learner community)
  • JC Facilitator (Dan Freedman)
  • JC Jurors (all ACLC learners)

The JC gives learners the opportunity to practice self-government by:

  • helping to enforce the shared rules that protect the welfare of the ACLC community,
  • mediating disputes and helping community members to find common ground,
  • serving three hours of jury duty each year,
  • running for the position of JC Clerk.

If you feel that someone in the community (a learner or a facilitator) is breaking a rule in the  ACLC Rulebook, you can write them up using a JC Referral Form:

Online JC Referral Form

(Turn in to the JC Box in the Center.)

The JC Clerks will call the person(s) named in the JC Referral Form to a JC hearing.

JC Clerks and Jury members will hear the case and decide on appropriate consequences for specific actions.

JC proceedings are confidential and take place under the guidance of the JC facilitator. More serious or recurrent disciplinary problems are referred to ACLC's Lead Facilitators.

The videos below were created for you by ACLC's 2020-21 JC Clerks.

What is JC?

Why be a JC Clerk?