College Admissions

A Strong College-Preparatory Curriculum

ACLC's emphasis on project-based learning, self-direction, and learner initiative means that our learners develop resourcefulness, independence, and self-confidence. These qualities are as important for a smooth transition to college and a fulfilling college experience as strong academic preparation.
ACLC's academic graduation requirements fulfill and exceed the A-G Subject Requirements needed for admission to the University of California or California State University campuses and many other institutions of higher education. Additional requirements ensure that ACLC graduates gain community service, leadership, and internship experience along the way.
All ACLC graduates complete at least one college class while in high school. Many take numerous community college courses before they graduate. This real college experience and proven success at the collegiate level is one reason college admissions officers look favorably on transcripts from ACLC.
ACLC's in-house academic and college counselors work hard to help learners and families navigate the college planning and admissions process, starting early in high school. In addition to its middle school Learning to Learn curriculum, ACLC offers a high school College and Career Preparation course as well as a Senior Seminar that helps seniors get through the joys and pitfalls of senior year (including college applications) together.

A Proven College Admissions Track Record

ACLC graduates have been accepted to (and often received scholarships from) an impressive list of the best North American universities, from the Ivy League to the Big 10 and Pac 10 to prestigious and selective private institutions, including historically black colleges and universities.

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